Heather Stevenson, M.A. - Workshops and Consultations
Heather Stevenson, M.A. -
Workshops and Consultations
All families have trouble now and again. Oftentimes, just a few sessions with an understanding and experienced professional can give you a new perspective on your family and can make a huge difference. Consultations cost $70/hour and are available via phone (including Skype) or in person. Sliding scale rates are available to lower-income families.
Workshops, Groups, and Classes
I regularly offer workshops, support groups, and classes that help parents with things they are currently struggling with, such as sleep issues, aggression, and sibling rivalry.
Presentations for Parents
I am available to do presentations for special occasions and community groups such as schools, non-profit organizations, churches, and mothers' groups. Topics for presentations include:
  • How to raise drug-free kids
  • Helping children through divorce
  • Responding to tears, fears, and tantrums
  • Peaceful conflict resolution/positive communication skills
  • Discipline without punishments or rewards
  • Addressing the reasons for children’s behavior
  • Parenting while in recovery from drugs and alcohol
  • Special issues facing lesbian and gay parents
Fees for these presentations range from free to $70/hour, depending on the circumstances. Contact me for more information!
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