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Open Heart Parenting
Have you found that the "normal" way of raising kids isn't really working very well? Do you find that your child doesn’t talk to you as much as you would like? Are you uncomfortable with using punishment to control your child’s behavior? If so, you may be wondering if there is a different way of approaching things. And there is!

Open Heart Parenting is based on the beliefs that parents and children will experience more closeness and less conflict when everyone’s needs are respected and addressed; that children benefit emotionally, intellectually, and socially when allowed to express all their feelings to an attentive parent; and that the most effective discipline is based on mutual respect, and maintains the sense of connection between parents and children.
Based on Aware Parenting (a philosophy developed by Dr. Aletha Solter), my approach can:
  • Decrease power struggles between parents and children
  • Help children sleep better
  • Improve behavior problems
  • Address sibling rivalry
  • Help children prepare for a difficult event, such as surgery
  • Support parents in helping their children recover from trauma

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Contact Heather at heather@openheartparenting.com or
805-453-4570 for more information. 

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